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Improve Safety & Efficiency With Building Automation Systems

With inflation on the rise, the need to cut down on costs is at an all-time high. On average, energy consumption makes up almost 40% of commercial buildings’ energy bill. While you may not be able to do much about the cost of materials and labor, there is something you can do about your energy costs.

Installing a building automated system (BAS) is an easy way to quickly bring down your energy costs by improving the overall efficiency of your building’s energy consumption. Contact us today to learn more about implementing a building automation system in your property.

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What Is A Building Automation System?

Building automation systems (BAS) integrate the control and monitoring of different building-wide systems, like lighting, HVAC, and security. Such centralized control systems create a smart building with lower energy consumption, optimized indoor air quality, and improved security infrastructure. Some examples of how a building automation system can be seen by building occupants include:

How A Building Automation System Works

Building automation systems include five main elements: input devices, controllers, output devices, communication protocols, and user interfaces. Each component influences your BAS’s performance, accuracy, and user experience.

  • 01 Input Devices BAS input devices track metrics like temperature, humidity, and lighting level. These system sensors can even detect the number of people in a specific room or building area. From the sensors, this information flows to centralized controllers.
  • 02 Controllers If input devices act like a BAS’s nerve endings, centralized controllers function as its brain. Controllers use sensor-collected data to send instructions to the building’s various operating systems, from security alarms to HVAC units.
  • 03 Output Devices Following the centralized controller’s command, the building’s systems respond accordingly. For example, if the sensors detect that the building’s lobby is too hot, the control system will turn on the relevant air conditioning unit. The automation system may dim lights or turn off appliances to cut energy costs if no one is currently using the gym or conference room.
  • 04 Communication Protocols Building automation systems use data protocols that allow various components to communicate, execute commands, or modify settings. Modern automation systems typically use open communication protocols like BACnet or Modus.
  • 05 Terminal Interface User interfaces allow building owners and property managers to control the BAS system through a user interface. This interface presents relevant information like temperature, humidity, and air quality in the building and allows the user to monitor system function and adjust settings.

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Implementing a building automation system can be a game-changer for the management of large buildings with complex logistics. Step into a new era of more efficient, accurate, and affordable building maintenance by integrating your property with a BAS. Our building automation solutions save time and energy, improve security, and keep your building’s occupants happy.

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Our Approach

Our Building Automation System Installation Services

A building automation system cuts costs and streamlines operations in office buildings, commercial properties, and industrial buildings no matter how complex the management needs are. Unsurprisingly, more and more property owners and managers are realizing how building automation can simplify their daily tasks — and how important it is to work with the right BAS company. Contact us today to schedule a site visit.

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BAS Installation

Investing in a building automation system is a big step, so it’s important that you work with an experienced installer to ensure top performance and minimize the potential for unexpected issues. A building automation expert ensures that your BAS meets your building’s requirements, works to help you cut costs and manual labor, and provides easy and hassle-free operation from one convenient terminal interface.

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Building Automation System Upgrades

Are you planning to upgrade your building’s amenities, add new elevators, or transition to a new security system? Do you need to update your existing BAS to ensure cybersecurity compliance?

Your automation system needs to keep up with changes in your facility to ensure smooth building operations. Suncoast Power can help design and install your building automation systems with a vision of future growth that allows easy, seamless upgrades.

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Building Automation System Maintenance

A BAS is a significant upfront investment that pays off in the long run. Regularly scheduled maintenance will improve your building’s automation system and last longer. Maintenance includes anything from replacing outdated hardware to reviewing network security.

Suncoast Power offers scheduled, no-hassle building automation system maintenance that keeps your BAS in top shape. We never go for the quick fix; instead, we take the time to diagnose the root of the problem and determine the proper repair strategy.

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We’ve Installed Building Automation Systems Across Florida

Any large building that needs streamlined operations can benefit from a building automation system. Besides apartment buildings and condominiums, BAS systems simplify maintenance in all commercial and industrial properties that need reliable control and security.

At Suncoast Power, we install, upgrade, and support building automation systems for a variety of commercial clients across Florida, including:

  • Office buildings
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Retail centers
  • Warehouses and industrial facilities
  • Schools and daycare centers
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Multi-use buildings

Signs That It May Be Time To Upgrade Your Building Automation System

Building automation technology makes huge leaps forward every couple of years, so if you’ve had your system in place for some time it may need an upgrade. The good news is that we can adapt your existing system to suit your needs in many cases, which is more affordable than a complete replacement. You may want to look into BAS upgrades in any of the situations below.


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Poor System Performance

If you haven’t updated your BAS in a while, your system’s performance may no longer match your needs or expectations. Insufficient memory, obsolete communication protocols, and inconvenient data visualization may undermine system performance and user experience.

Even more importantly, an older system may not comply with your building’s security protocols. This can be a significant issue in offices or company headquarters that need robust physical and data security systems. Old BAS systems are vulnerable to hackers, which can use an automation system to access surveillance cameras or open doors to off-limits areas.

Higher Utility Bills

Many property owners expect a BAS to help lower utility bills. However, older building automation systems may fail this mission for two main reasons: inefficient energy management and a hard-to-use user interface. The former may lead to wasteful operations of energy-using systems like lighting and HVAC. At the same time, the latter keeps facility managers from gaining accurate insights that would help optimize energy usage.

Increased Operational Needs

Maybe your building automation system answered your facility’s needs when you installed it, but your building has changed since then. Perhaps you have expanded your facility, added amenities, or switched to new systems. A building automation upgrade helps your BAS keep in sync with your operational needs.

Benefits of Upgrading Your BAS

The right building automation upgrade can save you money and boost your commercial property’s value. If you plan to put your building on the market, a fully updated BAS makes a great selling point that can help you get a better deal for your property.

Investing in BAS upgrades also provides several other benefits, including:

  • Lower maintenance and operational costs. An intelligent BAS system may yield a significant and almost immediate drop in utility costs. A system with more advanced controls means better, more efficient energy management. Efficient operations may also slow system wear and tear and reduce repair costs.
  • Higher security. An upgraded building automation system allows better access control, keeps unauthorized persons from limited-access areas of the building, and enables tighter surveillance. Additionally, by reducing the risk of hacking, a BAS upgrade helps you comply with cybersecurity protocols and lowers the odds of a liability lawsuit.
  • It has reduced labor costs. Managing a building with complex systems often requires a lot of human labor. A BAS can help streamline the different operations in the building and reduce the workload for your maintenance staff. This may allow you to cut non-essential positions or reduce work hours.
  • Happier tenants or employees. Whether running a residential or commercial facility, a BAS helps keep your building’s occupants happy. Residential buildings with a BAS are likelier to attract and retain desirable tenants, while automation in commercial or office buildings may improve employee productivity. For example, employees in facilities with automated temperature control are less likely to waste valuable time adjusting AC settings.
  • Future-proofing. Your building automation system upgrade may seem a little over the top today, but when you modernize your systems or use more space, you’ll be glad that your BAS allows for revamping your amenities with little hassle.

Why You Need Continual BAS Maintenance

After installing a building automation system, clients may opt for a regular BAS maintenance and service plan. Suncoast Power’s building automation system maintenance helps you make the most of your BAS with ongoing support and timely intervention.

Building Automation Isn’t a One and Done Deal

While a quality building automation system shouldn’t require much ongoing maintenance, it pays to have professional backup for periodic monitoring and emergency support. Property owners and facility managers find that BAS maintenance gives them:

  • Peace of mind. BAS monitoring ensures your building automation system yields optimum performance. You invested in building automation —maintenance ensures you get the best value for your money.
  • Problem prevention. BAS maintenance catches any minor issue before it becomes a big problem. Building automation system experts identify and mitigate problems to help your building operate efficiently.
  • Reduced costs. A BAS maintenance plan frees up maintenance time, fixes any problems before they get out of hand, and quickly restores disrupted operations. On average, a BAS maintenance plan more than pays for itself in time and cost savings. Building automation experts will promote efficient energy use in your building, provide guidance on running the BAS properly, and ensure you keep up with necessary upgrades.

BAS Maintenance Options

At Suncoast Power, we create a fully customized BAS maintenance plan that suits your needs. Our typical building automation maintenance plans include:

  • Remote monitoring. We will monitor your system to make sure building automation runs smoothly at all times. Our remote support helps prevent equipment downtime or faulty performance, which can be costly.
  • Timely alerts. We ensure you stay on top of critical issues relating to your building automation system, like a sudden drop in performance or an update that can influence your operational staff.
  • Performance management. Does your building have specific energy usage or business goals, i.e., reducing electricity use by 10%? We help you use your BAS to achieve these goals and provide valuable insights into your system’s current performance.
  • Repair and replacement. At Suncoast Power, we’ll design your building automation systems for efficiency and low-cost maintenance. However, we provide a best-value plan for BAS touch-ups when you need repairs, replacements, or updates.
  • Emergency support. Your BAS controls crucial systems in your building, like security and HVAC. When building automation fails, you need an expert who quickly identifies and resolves the problem to get your system back on track. Suncoast Power’s BAS technicians are here to answer your emergency calls and resolve urgent issues.