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Low-Voltage Commercial Cabling Design & Installation

No matter whether it’s a commercial property, a residential building, or even a large-scale industrial facility, every modern-day building requires extensive structured cabling and data cabling to facilitate clear, effective communications. Ethernet cables, fiber optic cables, security surveillance cabling, cat 5 cabling, and more — if it involves installing commercial cabling, we do it. Call Suncoast Power today to schedule a consultation for a site audit.

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Electric Outlet Installation by Electrician
Structured Cabling Contractors

Hire A Team Of Network & Data Cabling Installation Pros

If you’re thinking of installing or upgrading your properties structured cabling, our team of experienced commercial cabling electricians can handle everything from assessing your needs, creating an implementation strategy, and safely installing new communication cables. Suncoast Power is a locally-owned business with more than 30 years of experience designing, installing, and upgrading data cables in commercial buildings throughout Florida.

Our Network Cabling Installation Services

Communications technology has rapidly changed over the past decade, never mind the past twenty or thirty years. When installing new cabling, it’s critical that your commercial cabling contractor understands your tech requirements as well as which cables are best suited for your needs. We have experience in a wide range of cabling installations, including but not limited to the services below.

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Cabling Site Surveys

We offer comprehensive cabling site surveys to assess clients’ needs before starting a project. Our cabling contractors will visit the site and note any potential issues with the existing cables so the project can progress as smoothly as possible. We will also determine what equipment and tools will be necessary to complete the work.

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Demarc Extension

The “demarcation point” is the location, typically outside the building, where your service provider houses cabling and other equipment. A demarc extension allows you to join your system with the service provider’s system, enabling you to connect to the internet or use phone lines. We can install the demarc extension wiring and ensure the system runs flawlessly.

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Structured Cabling

In today’s world, it’s basically impossible to run a business without Internet access. While most people get online using a Wi-Fi connection, you may not realize that without a structured cabling network to connect to, there would be no Wi-Fi network to connect to. Our team can design and install structured cabling networks in residential buildings, businesses, commercial buildings, and large industrial facilities. We install twisted-pair Ethernet cables (Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6a), fiber optic cables, and coaxial cables.

Our experts can install extensive network and telecommunications systems to futureproof your system, so you’re ready for technological advances.

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Wi-Fi Network Installation

A good Wi-Fi signal is a must whether your building is commercial, industrial, or residential. Many users rely on wireless connections for work or communication, and having spotty wireless internet is problematic. Our electricians will eliminate any dead zones to ensure your internet connection is strong throughout your facility. Our cabling contractors will carefully plan and install your wireless network if you require a first-time setup or upgrade.

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Air-Blown Fiber and Micro Trenching

Air-blown fiber and micro trenching are advanced techniques for installing fiber optic cables. This method allows us to install lines carefully, preventing damage to the wiring as it pushes through the ducts and walls. These techniques also enable us to minimize the space we take up with cables and to perform the installation quickly and with less labor.

Telecommunications installer measuring fiber optic cable

Fiber and Network Cable Testing

We can assess your network cabling infrastructure for inefficiencies by testing wires, reinstalling cables, mapping your network, and implementing the best cable management practices. Disorganized cables make it challenging for your troubleshooters to locate and resolve issues. We’ll get your cabling system in excellent shape so you can reduce downtime and network traffic.

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Suncoast Power is a locally owned commercial electrical contractor that has provided top-quality data cabling and electrical services in South Florida for more than 30 years. Our team can handle every step of your cabling installation, from permitting and planning to installation, testing, and maintenance. Call Suncoast Power today at 754-200-5872 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a commercial cabling consultation with a member of our team.

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Our Audio-Video Cabling Services

Our team provides professional audio-video installation services across Florida for offices, schools, and other facilities. Having adequate audio-visual abilities allows for increased advertising strategies, advanced learning and presentation capabilities, and more. Some of our audio-video cabling services include:

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Digital Signage Installation

We can install cabling and hardware for digital signage at your retail storefront, restaurant, or commercial shopping center. Our team can handle everything from running power, running cables and installing hardware, supplying power, and connecting the signage.

giant outdoor screen for advertising and commercials

Multimedia Installation

Multimedia systems, such as TVs, speakers, and other audio-video equipment, need expert cabling and mounting to appear professional and perform appropriately. We’ll install the hardware and cabling and test the setup to resolve any issues.

Intercom System

Paging Systems

Intercom and paging systems are crucial in healthcare and education environments. We’ll install your paging system skillfully — from mounting speakers in multiple rooms to setting up microphones. Before we finish, we’ll test the system to see if the audio comes through loud and clear.

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Voice and Data Cabling

Voice and data cabling is the core of many commercial properties because it’s what connects the property to the internet and phone lines. Our cabling contractors will install the necessary cabling infrastructure neatly and carefully to prevent communication issues. We install cables, drill holes, provide cable management, and much more.