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Business Phone Wiring Services In South Florida

While wired phone lines are becoming less and less prevalent in American homes, most businesses still rely on traditional landlines and VoIP phone systems. If you’re looking to install or upgrade a business phone system, we can assist with any of your phone jack wiring and installation needs.

We’ve installed phone jacks and phone systems in small offices, office buildings, and everything in between. Give us a call or fill out our contact form to discuss your project requirements and set up a site visit.

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Our Phone Jack Wiring & Installation Process

Whether you’re installing a new phone system or upgrading an existing one, you’ll need an experienced commercial electrical contractor like Suncoast Power to handle the wiring and phone jack installation. Our team can tailor the phone system to your specific needs, no matter how large your property or how many phone jacks you’ll need.

Our Approach

Business Phone Line Wiring & Installation Services

Despite what you may read online, phone jack wiring is not a DIY project, especially in an office or commercial setting. Running cables and wires inside walls, installing distribution boxes, installing jacks, and attaching connectors can be a complex process, especially when installing in more than one or two rooms. Our licensed electricians have the experience and expertise to get the job done right the first time.

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Phone Wiring For New Construction

Suncoast Power provides developers and general contractors with a wide range of electrical services, including phone wiring and jack installation. We will assess your telecommunication needs, review the site plans, and create a customized phone wiring diagram and installation plan. Once the intended plan is approved and the permits are pulled, our team handles everything from installation to inspection.

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Phone System Upgrades & Building Renovations

Is your business phone system ready for an upgrade? Planning a big remodel or renovation for your office or commercial property? Depending on how old your building is, your plans, and how high-tech you’d like your phone system to be, you may need to re-wire part or all of your building to support everything. Whether it’s just some older wiring that needs to be replaced or your plans call for considerable jack expansion, our team will execute the installation to your exact specs.

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Phone Wiring & Jack Repairs

If you own an older office building, your phone jacks and wiring may be degrading or already in need of repair. Various things can cause phone wiring to break down, including heat exposure, lightning strikes, power surges, and even rodent damage. Faulty installation issues like short circuits, open circuits, or reversed wires can also create more significant problems over time.

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Types Of Business Phone Systems

Every business has different needs when it comes to size and scope of a phone system. If you’re unsure which system is right for your company, we can explain the pros and cons of each one so that you can make an informed decision before we design and install your wiring and jacks. The most common phone systems we install are:

  • phone office Digital Phone Systems

    A popular choice for small businesses and retail stores for their clear quality, low cost, and flexibility with existing lines.

  • ic phonelink 48px VoIP Phone Systems

    VoIP is perfect for business with multiple locations as voice data is sent over the Internet, not phsyical phone wires.

  • multiple 11 Call Center Phone Systems

    Specialized phone systems for companies that get significant call volume and need a large number of phones setup.

The Types of Phone Wiring Used In Residential & Commercial Installations

A phone wire contains at least one twisted pair of copper wires. Residential and commercial phone wires typically contain four strands supporting two phone lines. A phone cable may also carry six or more strands to support additional lines.

A standard two-pair wire includes four colored wires: red, green, yellow, and black. Red and green make one pair of wires, while yellow and black make another. Newer lines have different color conventions, known as Color Code Two, and under the new color code, a blue, orange, green, or brown wire pairs with a white wire.

Phone cables typically belong to the following categories: RJ11/6P4C, RJ12/6P6C, and RJ45/8P8C. RJ means “Registered Jack.”

  • RJ11/6P4C cables have six contact positions and four gold-plated conductors on their plugs
  • RJ12/6P6C cables have six contact positions and six conductors
  • RJ45/8P8C cables have an eight-position, eight-conductor modular plug
Electrician Installing Outlet

Phone Wiring Methods

Most electricians wire phone systems using either the daisy chain or the home-run wiring methods.

  • In daisy-chain wiring, several phone outlets connect to a single circuit. The wiring starts at a junction that connects to the service provider’s jack and proceeds between jacks. Daisy-chain wiring is a quick and straightforward installation system.
  • In home-run wiring, each jack connects to a wire junction separately. Although this installation technique requires more labor and hardware, it makes upgrades easier and limits any wiring damage to one jack.

What Can Cause Damage To Phone Wiring?

While most think phone problems result from network issues, difficulties such as line static, poor call quality, dropped calls, or difficulty making or receiving calls can be due to issues with your phone’s wiring. Because wires are located inside the walls, many people think they’re safe from damage. However, there are various ways that phone wiring can be degraded or damaged.

Power Surges or Lightning Strikes

Lightning strikes can cause power surges that cause damage to phone wiring. While not every lightning strike will cause damage to your electrical system, if your building receives a direct strike it could cause damage to wiring, outlets, electrical panels, and other electrical system components.

Rodent-Chewed Wiring

Rodents like mice, rats, and squirrels can damage phone wiring, especially in older buildings with unprotected wires. Unlike other causes of wire damage, it’s usually fairly easy to tell if your wires have been chewed through by a rodent. Apart from replacing damaged phone system parts, you’ll need to protect your new wiring from rodents. Rodent-proofing your building and encasing your outdoor lines in hard covers can help minimize rodent attacks on your wiring.


Short-circuiting can happen when two bare phone wires touch because of a position shift or an improper installation. A short circuit may make you unable to make or receive phone calls on your landline. Luckily, short-circuiting in phone wires doesn’t lead to dangerous voltage surges, but it’s important to call a technician to resolve the problem.

Apart from separating the wires or replacing a damaged phone wiring section, our technicians will investigate the problem that caused the short-circuiting and suggest or implement solutions.

Reversed Wires

Reversed wiring can occur when the phone line installer connects two lines on the phone jack incorrectly. Incorrect wiring can cause your entire phone system to malfunction or fail. If wiring was done incorrectly, one of our licensed commercial electricians should be able to identify it pretty quickly.

Old Phone Wiring

Old phone wiring often suffers from wear and tear, which may not be noticeable until the system stops working. Old phone points may also become problematic if they are unsuitable for ADSL internet service. Upgrading new phone wiring will improve connectivity and resolve wear-related problems.

Open Circuit

An open circuit happens when a phone wire breaks or loosens and doesn’t connect to the phone point. If this occurs, the recipient will hear the phone ring but will not hear the caller on the other end.

Our phone wiring technicians can locate the disconnected wire and reposition or replace it to resolve the open circuit issue.

Common Questions About Phone Jack Wiring

Here are some common questions we receive from our clients about phone jack wiring installation.

Can I install a phone jack myself?

While some people opt for DIY phone jack installation, it can lead to many problems. Phone wiring is delicate, and improper installation can cause short-circuiting, open circuits, and other issues. DIY installation can compromise call quality, cause your landline to fail, or even lead to fires if the wiring was not done to code.

A certified electrician can install a phone jack easily, quickly, and efficiently. With an electrician, you’ll receive a labor warranty that ensures reliable support if your landline stops working.

How much does it cost to install a telephone jack?

The cost of phone jack installation will vary based on the size and complexity of the job. It could range from under $100 to several thousand dollars, depending on material costs, the amount of labor involved, how many jacks you need, and whether your project requires any additional components like phone wiring. Call us today to find out how much you might expect to pay for phone jack installation.

How much does it cost to install a landline?

Landline installation costs in Florida vary depending on various factors. The project’s size and complexity, your property’s topography, estimated work hours, material costs, and the number of outlets are all examples of what determines the price of an installation.

For example, if your property doesn’t allow convenient inter-wall access, the technician may need to drill holes in the wall and floor to install the phone wiring. This time-consuming extra work increases project costs. If there’s a rodent infestation and your cables need to be secured against chewing, this may entail additional labor and materials.

For a precise landline cost estimate, call Suncoast Power. Our team will provide a detailed offer based on your telecommunication needs, timeline, and budget.

What is the color code for a phone line?

Under the old color code, a phone cable’s red and green wires make one phone line, while the yellow and black wires make another pair.

If your phone wiring supports more than two lines, the extra lines will have different colors. For example, line three will be blue and white, while line four will be orange and brown.

Also, new lines have an updated color code (Color Code Two). In phone systems that use the new code. Line one will be white and blue, while Line 2 will be white and orange.