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Lighting is one of the most significant overhead expenses in today’s medical marijuana and indoor agricultural industries. While commercial grow lights allow producers to speed up plant growth and more carefully control output, these systems can be costly, so it’s important to properly assess your requirements before making an investment.

Our team has provided commercial electrical and lighting services for a wide range of businesses, industries, and locations, and has recently expanded our services to include installing, repairing and maintaining commercial grow light systems. Call Suncoast Power today and schedule a consultation with one of our experts to learn more about our commercial grow light services.

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What Are Commercial Grow Lights?

Plants need exposure to a specific light spectrum to facilitate healthier, stronger, and thicker vegetative growth. Electric grow lights mimic the sun’s light to provide constant, customized light to increase the rate of photosynthesis, encouraging faster plant growth and increasing yields.

A constant light source provides commercial growers with a year-round growing cycle and extra harvests. Large-scale commercial light systems can be tailored to each growers needs, however they must be installed by licensed electrical contractors.

Types of Commercial Grow Lights

Commercial grow lights have rapidly improved into high-quality systems with efficient light sources and minimal energy usage. The most common grow lights include LED, HPS, and CMH systems.

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LED Grow Lights

LED lights are one of the longest-lasting and energy-efficient light sources available today. According to the Department of Energy, commercial facilities waste up to 30% of their energy, but switching to LEDs can significantly cut that, allowing buildings to utilize more of the energy created. Low-maintenance LEDs offer flexible light adjustment, various color temperatures, and compact sizing, reducing installation costs.

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High-Pressure Sodium Grow Lights

HPS lights generate heat and use a lot of power to maintain optimal temperatures. However, they offer a vast amount of raw, high-intensity light that speeds up plant growth and improves harvest quality. These lights will also result in a much higher energy bill than you would have if you used LED lights.

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Ceramic Metal Halide Grow Lights

CMH lights provide a balanced PAR spectrum. Photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) represents the wavelength (nm) within the light spectrum plants require for photosynthesis, typically between 400-700 nm. The color rendering index of CMH lights also makes them ideal for indoor growing despite their relatively high energy usage.

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Florida Commercial Grow Light Installer

The Benefits Of LED Commercial Grow Lights

Installing commercial grow lights isn’t just about producing more crops. Grow lights also reduce overhead costs as post-pandemic energy rates skyrocket. Consider the numerous advantages of adding commercial grow lights to your medical marijuana grow or indoor agricultural farm.

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Supply Targeted-Spectrum Wavelengths and Faster Harvest Cycle

Exposure to specific light wavelengths and proportions affects plant health, growth rate, and quality. Plants require light from different areas of the PAR spectrum throughout their growth stages. Blue light is optimal during the plant’s growth cycle, while red light assists during the flowering stage.

Commercial grow lights have the ability to modify the wavelengths emitted from the light producing faster, more consistent harvests. With the right light spectrum and wavelengths, you can illuminate your plants 24/7 for a year-round growth cycle. With a continual light source, you can expect to gain multiple crops and bigger yields, increasing your return on investment.

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Eco-Friendly Alternative Light Source

Traditional HID lights contain mercury, a harmful substance to all life forms. Mercury requires special disposal protocols and is a pollutant once discarded. Modern LEDs offer an eco-friendly and recyclable alternative that doesn’t strain Earth’s natural resources like traditional HID lights.

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Lower Heat Emission and Extreme Durability

Most plants are too delicate to withstand the heat from artificial lights. LEDs emit less heat than other grow lights, creating a safer environment for your plants to flourish. LEDs also allow growers to adjust the light’s strength and intensity to produce optimal growing conditions.

Because of their low heat emissions, commercial LED grow lights offer superior durability. Unlike HPS and CMH bulbs, LEDs don’t overheat, causing the bulb to explode. This low heat emission and durability are what prolong LEDs’ lifespan.

Contact Suncoast Power To Discuss Your Commercial Grow Light Requirements

If you’re in the agricultural or marijuana industries, you already know how important proper lighting is for plant development. Working with white lights is a gamble on your plant’s health and growing ability, but investing in adequate commercial grow lighting is a sure way to supply your plants with the light they need to flourish.

Suncoast Power is a locally-operated company that can install commercial grow lights for licensed MMTCs and other agricultural applications. We’ve provided commercial lighting services for over 30 years and comply with all applicable lighting codes. Contact us today at (754) 200-5872 for consultation with our team of electrical professionals.

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Important Considerations When Choosing Grow Lights

With so many options available to commercial growers, finding the right indoor lighting system can be challenging. Our lighting experts can help you choose the best commercial grow lights to fit your agricultural needs. As you begin browsing grow light options, here are some important things to take into consideration.

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Annual Budget

When upgrading your grow lights or installing a new commercial grow light system, it’s important to think about your annual budget, not just what you’ve budgeted for the installation. Energy costs will vary significantly depending on the light source, so it’s important to consider those costs before you invest.

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Grow Light Efficacy

Photosynthetic photon efficacy (PPE) defines how well a grow light can convert power into photosynthetic active radiation. Providing higher PPE levels gives plants a better opportunity to convert artificial light into sustainable growth. Purchasing lights with high grow light efficacy ensures your plants can yield more crops.

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Heat Output

Plants will not produce as well when they’re exposed to excessive heat. While some plants can grow in any environment, commercial agriculture relies on stable conditions. LED grow lights are popular with growers who need light sources with low heat emissions.

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Ease of Installation

Most commercial greenhouses run a simple metal frame across the canopy to attach each light. The dimensions and logistics of your growing space will impact the infrastructure of your new lighting system. You want to purchase grow lights that will easily attach and fit within the frame of your grow lights.

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Associated Warranties

The best commercial grow lights have comprehensive warranties between three and five years. As grow lights are a significant investment, look for an all-inclusive warranty before you purchase.

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Manufacturer Quality

Commercial grow lights are a considerable investment. Before purchasing, it’s important to read testimonials from past customers. A reputable manufacturer will have a well-established digital footprint and reputation for high-quality products.

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