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Commercial outdoor lighting systems play a critical role in your building’s overall aesthetic and security. Outdoor lighting systems are typically customized to the needs of the property. While some locations just require the basics like flood lights and parking lot lights, others opt for all the bells and whistles like motion detection and smart integrations.

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Outdoor Lighting Installation, Upgrades & Maintenance

The Benefits of Upgrading Your Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Dated exterior lighting can create a host of problems for your business, but the good news is that upgrading outdoor lighting is a pretty straightforward process. In most cases, it’s as simple as retrofitting your current light fixtures to LED lighting. If your lighting system is considerably older, it may be necessary for a complete replacement, but this is usually more of a design choice than a functional one.

Regardless of your project specifics, upgrading your outdoor lighting will reap benefits in several ways.

Outdoor lamp on yard lawn for garden lighting in summer park

Lower Your Energy Bills

LED lights are significantly more energy efficient than conventional ones like fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. LEDs are built on a different technology than older bulbs which allows them to produce a better, more powerful light with a fraction of the power.

The energy savings of switching to LEDs make the transition a sound financial decision. You’ll save on your lighting bill and reduce your cooling costs since LEDs don’t generate much ambient heat. LEDs also have a very long lifespan — up to 100,000 hours, meaning you’ll save on maintenance and replacement costs without worrying about replacing bulbs every couple of years.

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Not only do fluorescent bulbs consume more energy than LEDs, they also contain toxic materials and heavy metals like mercury. When a bulb is broken or improperly disposed of, that mercury can be released into the surrounding air and water.

LEDs don’t contain toxic chemicals and consume less energy than CFLs, making them a popular eco-conscious choice. If your current light fixtures are dated, it might be time to upgrade simply because it’s better for the environment.

Illuminated Vacant Parking Lots

Improve Your On-site Security

Opportunistic vandals and thieves frequently take advantage of security lapses. Well-lit outdoor area deters intruders and ensures your building’s occupants are safe and secure.

Outdoor lighting also plays a part in security by improving the picture quality on video surveillance. CTVs can’t catch faces and actions in dimly lit areas, making them better targets for crime.

Night view of a beautiful building. Architectural lighting

Improve Aesthetics & Curb Appeal

If your business sees customers or clients after dark, your building’s exterior lighting will be the first impression you make. In addition to standard outdoor lighting, there are a number of options available that will enhance the aesthetics and curb appeal of your property. For example, you can buy colored LEDs to give your building some vibrance at night or highlight landscaping features.

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Popular Outdoor Lighting Options For Commercial Properties

When it comes to outdoor lighting fixtures, there are just about as many styles and options to choose from as there are for interior lighting. If you’re not already a lighting pro, the number of options can be overwhelming. Understanding the different types of outdoor lights and their intended function can help narrow down the options that would be best for your location.

Bollard Garden Light

Bollards are poles or posts that are installed in the ground around a property. While not every bollard has lights, there are a wide range of attractive and functional bollard light options to choose from.

big wall light
Wall Packs

Most commercial buildings feature wall-mounted lights. These lights attach directly to the wall and act as accent lights to showcase features on your property or as general lighting for your outdoor spaces.

blue floodlight to illuminate glow in the dark
Flood Lights

Floodlights create bright light in a large outdoor area. These lights are great at dettering intruders and vandals, so make a great part of an outdoor security system.

barn lights
Gooseneck and Barn Lights

Many modern light styles may look out of place on an older-style building. Gooseneck and barn lights have a metal shade to direct the bright light downwards onto a space.

Bollard Garden Light
Dusk-to-Dawn Lights

As the name suggests, these lights operate from dusk until dawn and remain off during the day. If your building isn’t equipped with a building automation system, dusk-to-dawn lights are a good alternative.

Parking garage underground interior
Parking Garage Lights

Parking garage lights need to produce bright illumination over a large, confined area. Recessed, suspended, and wall lights can provide complete lighting solutions for parking structures.

step lights
Step Lights

Step lights are tiny fixtures that illuminate pathways and stairs to help people navigate them safely in the dark. Besides aesthetic appeal, these also help pedestrians stay safe at night and avoid injuries.

decorative night lighting the road
Landscape Lights

Landscape are used to highlight features like a fountain or illuminate a larger space like a courtyard. Landscape lights have the benefit of providing aesthetic appeal and practical security applications.