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Sometimes improving your Internet connection speed and reliability is less about upgrading your Internet service and more about upgrading your Ethernet cables. If you’re tired of dealing with slow download speeds and ongoing connection issues, you should consider upgrading to Cat6 Ethernet cables.

Upgrading a commercial or industrial property from Cat5 to Cat6 is no small feat, so working with an experienced Cat6 cable installer like Suncoast Power is important. Suncoast Power is a licensed commercial electrical contractor that has provided leading network cabling services in South Florida for more than 30 years. Contact us today to schedule a site visit.

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Ethernet Cabling Experts

What Is Cat6 Cabling?

Ethernet cables continue evolving as modern demands require stronger, more reliable networks. The Cat6 cable is an evolved Ethernet solution that provides better processing speeds over longer distances than the earlier Cat5 and Cat5e options. While the newest and more expensive Cat7 and Cat8 models or fiber optic competitors may display marginally better performance rates, the Cat6 offers the best results for its cost.

Cat6 cables boast up to 250 Megahertz (MHz), 150 MHz higher than the prior models. Even stretched to their full length, Cat6 cables can transfer one GigaBit per second (Gbps) with a maximum of 10 Gbps at a shortened length.

Ethernet Cabling Project Roadmap

Our Cat6 Ethernet Cable Installation Process

Large Cat6 cable installation projects require a licensed electrician to ensure the job is done right. Our experienced team will transform your slow and outdated system into a lightning-fast network of connected devices.

  • construction worker, construction, maintenance, worker, safety, helmet Site Assessment

    We will discuss your bandwidth, data drop, and speed requirements to establish an installation plan.

  • plan, pencil, map, construction, blueprints, architecture, sketch Network Cabling Design

    Our team designs a custom network diagram, timeline, and estimated cost for the network cable installation.

  • wires Cable Installation

    On approval, we execute the network installation plan. This can take a few hours or days depending on scope.

  • tester Inspections and Testing

    Once complete, we test all of our work to ensure it’s in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

The Primary Types of Cat6 Cables For Commercial & Industrial Applications

Cat6 cables use four pairs of intertwined copper wires braided together for high-performance needs. Each end of the cable has a backward-compatible RJ45 connector that plugs into your devices. Depending on your requirements, one of a few types of Cat6 Ethernet cables could be used. Each option offers advantages and disadvantages, depending on your building’s network requirements, size, and more.

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Standard Cat6 and Cat6a

Cat6a cables are a more advanced version of the original Cat6 cable. They provide better performance rates at longer distances. The Cat6 only provides 10 Gbps up to 55 meters and reduces speeds beyond this length, and the Cat6a can offer the full 10 Gbps stretched at its maximum length.

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Shielded Cat6 Cables

Shielded Cat6 cables use foil or mesh wrappings around the copper wires to protect the cable from excessive interference. Unshielded cables use a different braiding technique also to reduce background sounds. Shielded options usually work best if cables run near other high-frequency devices, like an air conditioner.

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Solid Cat6 Cables

Solid Cat6 cables use an equal one-to-one ratio for wires and conductors. Since the cable has eight wires, you would have eight conductors. Although solid cables work best for residential needs, they can also be bought in bulk for commercial applications.

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Patch panel with network cables
Stranded Cat6 Cables

The wires in stranded Cat6 cables wrap around each other to make a more flexible solution. Typically, stranded cables are used to create short patch cables between your panel and the patch switch. These can be useful in commercial and residential settings alike.

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Plenum Cat6 Cables

Plenum Cat6 cables have a fire retardant jacket to reduce fire risks. These are required by most local fire codes when running cables through things like HVAC ducts to avoid fire hazards. Plenum Cat6 cables cost more, though it’s usually less than having to pay for additional construction.

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Cat6 Riser Cables

Cat6 riser cables also feature fire-resistant coatings for added protection within your building. Riser cables cost less than plenum cables and may be sufficient depending on your area and local codes. It’s best to first speak with a licensed commercial contractor about your options.

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Factors That Affect Cat6 Cable Pricing

Cat6 cables allow for enhanced connectivity and speed at longer distances than Cat5 or Cat5e cables. Cat6 cable pricing will vary depending on the specific type of cable and its usage. In addition, Cat6 Ethernet cable installation costs will vary depending on the complexity of the project.

  • ethernet Cable Type

    Different cables have different costs. Standard Cat6 cables will cost less than Plenum cables.

  • power cable Cable Length

    The total number of feet of cable we are laying and the total number of cables needed.

  • computer Data Drops

    Data drop sare each point where the Ethernet cable terminates, like at a computer or modem.

  • ic timelapse 48px Installation Time

    The project will be billed either by hour or by drop depending on size and scope.