Parking Lot Lighting Repairs

Trusted Lighting Expert For Your Parking Lot Lighting Repairs

A parking lot with broken lights speaks volumes about your property. Without a well-lit, visible parking lot, customers and employees will likely not feel safe walking to and from their cars after dark. This won’t do much for the morale of the employees that need to use the lot for work, and it will also likely cut down on the number of repeat patrons for any businesses.

Having one or two lights out among a big array of lights isn’t a major issue as long as the area is still well illuminated. Still, as lights that were installed at the same time typically tend to run on very close life cycles, when one goes, they will all start to go. If you are experiencing issues with a light or multiple lights in your parking lot, Suncoast Power can help.

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South Florida Parking Lot Light Repairs

Our Parking Lot Lighting Repair Services

We have provided high-quality commercial lighting and electrical services in South Florida for over 30 years. Our team can repair your existing light issues and assess your lights to provide you with things like any anticipated future issues, the estimated lifespan, and your options for an upgrade or a retrofit. Give us a call today to schedule a site assessment with a member of our team.

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Replacing and Upgrading Fixtures to LED

Older parking lots often have fixtures containing mercury vapor or metal halide lights that can’t compete with the most modern solutions. LED lights offer a dramatic illumination difference, improving your property’s reputation, safety, and curb appeal. They consume less power, reducing those costly energy bills by up to 75%, and last longer than traditional bulbs, requiring little maintenance for decades.

Our experts can retrofit LEDs into your existing parking lot lighting, so you don’t have to purchase new poles and fixtures. If you’re unsure about compatibility, call our team today for a site assessment.

Parking Lot Lights at Dusk

Sealing Fixtures to Stop Water Ingress

Most light pole fixtures should already include waterproof covers, though, over time, the preventative coating may wear down or crack. Water can damage your bulbs and the electrical wiring within the system, and water can seep inside the exterior wall if your fixture connects to your building, causing foundation damage. 

Our light repair services include fixture sealing to resolve minor issues before they become major, expensive problems. If you’re unsure whether you have water ingress, call today, and we can check all your fixtures for signs of water damage. 

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Replacing Burnt Bulbs

A burned-out light bulb still draws power to the pole and wastes electricity. Lack of light in an area can also increase safety risks like car break-ins or pickpockets. Our team will replace bulbs to re-illuminate your lot, so pedestrians remain safe and you benefit from the power consumed.

bird spikes

Installing Bird Spikes

Birds may seem harmless, though allowing dozens of them to swarm your parking lot can create rippling effects. The excess bird feces on your lot and occupant vehicles can make your entire property look worn-down and unappealing. Your customers and clients may become frustrated by the constant need for car washes and turn to your competitors for service.

Bird spikes are harmless devices we can install atop your fixtures to prevent birds from landing and building nests. The simple solution will divert them elsewhere and keep your parking lot spotless.

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Repairing Damaged Light Poles

Drivers make mistakes, and unfortunately, light poles frequently suffer the consequences. The entire structure becomes compromised if a driver hits a light pole in your lot. Crooked fixtures may fall and damage other vehicles, leaving you responsible for costly insurance claims.

Damaged light poles also reduce your property’s appearance and lighting performance. We can perform repairs or replacements to prevent these unnecessary complications.

Common Questions About Parking Lot Lighting Repair

How Much Does it Cost to Repair A Light Pole?

Repair costs depend on your exact pole, the type of damage, and a few other factors. An entire light pole replacement typically costs between $2,000 to $3,000. We usually try to avoid replacements if we can repair the damage since repairs typically cost less.

To illuminate an entire lot with new poles and LEDs, you may need to budget around $3,000 to $5,000, depending on your lot size. This cost includes everything you need if you are starting from scratch.

Do You Repair the Whole Pole or Certain Parts?

Our light pole repair process depends on the damage. Severely compromised structures require replacements though minor issues only constitute repairs.

We first assess the damage and block off any hazardous areas. If the base has damage, we re-fill the concrete and restore the surrounding areas. Next, we re-wire and assemble the pole, fixture, and bulb before installing the system.

Before finishing, we bolt everything securely into place and test the lights to ensure that it works properly.

What Kind of Bulbs Are Used in Parking Lot Lights?

Traditional parking lot lights usually use mercury vapor or metal halide bulbs, though modern properties have switched to the preferred, energy-efficient LEDs. We can help you upgrade to the brighter and more durable solution if you still use the outdated variety.