Slash Your Energy Bills By Converting to High Bay LED Lighting

Simply put, if you are still using antiquated fluorescent, halogen, or metal halide high bay lighting in your commercial or industrial facility, you are throwing money away on your electricity bills. While the thought of retrofitting or replacing your existing high bay lights may seem like more trouble than it's worth, converting to LED high bay lighting system will be one of the best decisions you make this year.

LED Lighting provides a considerable improvement on traditional lighting options in a number of ways. Not only are the lights exponentially more energy efficient they also produce a better quality of light, require a fraction of the maintenance, and have an average lifespan in excess of 50,000 hours.

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Knowing you want to upgrade is only the first step of the process, but when it comes to high bay lighting, it’s important to choose a lighting system that fits your specific needs. To help you narrow down the selection, we’ve compiled this helpful high bay LED lighting conversion guide. If you have any questions at all or would like to learn more about converting your high bay lights to LEDs don’t hesitate to give Suncoast Power a call at (754) 200-5872 to schedule a consultation with a member of our team.

What Are High Bay Lights?

“High bay light” is a catch-all term for lights that are used on ceilings between 20 and 45 feet tall. Typically high bay lights are used in commercial and industrial locations like warehouses and factories. They’re also popular in a wide range of retail and recreational locations such as grocery stores, gymnasiums, and shopping centers.

High bay lights have an incredible lumen output that provides excellent visibility across vast horizontal and vertical distances which makes them perfectly suited for tall ceilings. These lights typically attach to the ceiling via pendants, chains, or hooks, depending on the specific fixture you opt for.

Types of High Bay LED Lights

High bay LED fixtures come in a few distinct styles, each with unique sizing, shape, and function. For example, some high bay lights may be designed to focus strong light on a small area, while others are designed to evenly illuminate large open areas. As you consider upgrading to high bay LED lights, it’s important to think about your facility and its specific lighting needs.

The three primary types of high bay LED lights we will focus on are:

  • Round high bay lights
  • Linear high bay lights
  • E39 or E40 base high bay bulbs

Round High Bay Lights (UFO Lights)

Round high bay lights, also known as “UFO high bay lights” for their distinctive shape, hang from the ceiling via a singular cable. They offer easy and quick installation, and their adjustable cord makes them ideal for spaces with high ceilings.

UFO LED high bay lights have a 120-degree average beam angle, creating exceptional lighting in a large area. They work perfectly for elevated ceilings ranging from 13 to 42 feet and come with 100-, 150-, 240-, or 300-watt light bulbs.

Linear LED High Bay Lights

Linear LED high bay lights are your number one choice if your indoor space includes shelves or aisles. This type of high bay LED lighting provides a similar look to the traditional tube fluorescent bulbs seen in garages or workshops but offers more practicality. Linear high bays consume less energy and have a longer lifespan than their non-LED counterparts.

Linear high bay LED lights come in various sizes, so it’s important to evaluate your space beforehand.

E39 or E40 Base LED High Bay Bulbs

E39 or E40 base LED high bay bulbs offer the ability to replace your existing lights without a complicated installation process. With these bulbs, a lighting upgrade is as simple as screwing in a lightbulb.

These bulbs offer a quick and easy upgrade alternative to their complete LED fixture counterparts. They provide full coverage or spotlight lighting to meet your lighting needs. E39 and E40 bulbs are energy-efficient, making them a great option to replace toxic metal halide bulbs.

With a range of sizes and color options, these high bay bulbs are a great quick fix and upgrade to your existing fixtures.

LED High Bay Lights Application Areas

Consider LED high bay lights as your go-to lighting solution if you own or manage a large indoor area. You’ll typically see these light fixtures in warehouses and factories, but the list doesn’t end there. High bay LED lights are the perfect option for a multitude of locations, including:

Indoor Stadiums

Indoor stadiums are designed to have expansive floor spacing and elevated ceilings. Developers raise the ceilings, offering fans optimal viewing capabilities to keep an eye on their favorite player and stay engaged in the game. Umpires, officials, or referees require excellent visibility to manage the game fairly and make the right calls.

Most importantly, players need optimum lighting to play at their best. High bay LED fixtures supply bright light from the rafters, illuminating all playing field areas.

Fitness and Recreational Centers

Fitness and recreational centers should provide high-quality lighting that creates an ideal workout environment. Dim lighting invokes tiredness.

Weightlifters start lifting lighter weights because they begin feeling restless. Runners slow down on the treadmill because they’re tired. Athletes start missing baskets during a basketball game or drive their ball into the net during a tennis match.

To help gym goers stay motivated, upgrading your lights to high bay LED fixtures provokes a sense of alertness, keeping them performing at their best.

Distribution Centers

If you’ve ever received a different package than what you ordered, it might be a human error or a result of poor lighting.

Proper lighting ensures smooth operations in a distribution center or logistics building. Workers must check labels and pack shipping containers carefully to avoid costly mistakes. High bay LED lights offer the necessary visibility level to ensure you receive the package ordered.

Supermarkets and Retail Stores

Certain high bay lights include Color Rendering Index (CRI) integration to make colors vibrant and more distinct. CRI runs on a scale from one to 100, with excellent color rendering being 90 and above. High bay LED shop lights help items in supermarkets and retail stores have natural coloration, so buyers know what they look like under natural light.

Warehouses and Mega Factories

Warehouses and mega factories are common places to find high bay lights. These facilities require a strong light source so employees can work efficiently and safely.

Accidents can easily occur in these work environments, but high bay LEDs provide ample lighting to help minimize potential accidents. High bay LEDs create a bright area, helping employees stay alert to their surroundings.

Benefits Of Upgrading To High Bay LED Lighting

In the past few years, LED lights have emerged as the leading lighting technology and the most popular choice for property owners, contractors, and facility managers. High bay LED lighting is a game changer regarding visibility, color rendering, energy efficiency, worker safety, and more. When you convert to LED high bays, you’ll experience the benefits high bay LEDs offer firsthand.

Temperature and Extended Lifespan

High bay LEDs are designed to produce minimal heat, reducing the carbon emissions expelled into the air. This low heat expenditure depletes the chance of the bulb overheating and bursting. Traditional bulbs break and blow out constantly because of their high heat emissions, which causes their life expectancy to last about a year or two before needing to be replaced.

LED high bays, on the other hand, last approximately 150,000 hours. Upgrading your lights to high bay LEDs allows you to flip the switch on and forget about them for years. Their extended lifespan also reduces the need for ongoing maintenance, saving you money on service calls and materials.


Because traditional lightbulbs burn out quickly, they constantly need to be replaced. Throwing bulbs away adds to environmental pollution and generates unnecessary waste.

Metal halide bulbs are made with mercury, a toxic chemical. Constant exposure to mercury increases the risk of people being exposed to harmful chemicals, compromising their health and the environment’s well-being. Disposing of metal halide bulbs requires special disposal protocols because of the mercury.

Unlike traditional lighting, LED high bay lights are environmentally friendly. LEDs are designed without hazardous materials, making them a safe and viable option for people and the environment.


If you need a durable lighting system that you can depend on, high bay LED lights are your best option. LED high bays last long and withstand unusually high and dangerously low temperatures that would ruin other bulbs.

Once temperatures creep outside the small, acceptable range, most other bulb types begin to flicker and lose functionality. High bay LEDs continue to work without significant degradation, making them the perfect option for facilities that experience all four seasons.


One of the main reasons businesses value LED high bay lights is because of their customizability. Whatever your preferences or lighting needs, you can find a setting that works for you. LED high bays come in various styles, sizes, and colors.

High-Quality Light Performance

Light performance should be one of your primary considerations when choosing the right type of lighting. LED high bay lighting designs include multiple points that diffuse light around the space evenly, making the area brighter and improving visibility.

High bay LEDs are designed to concentrate light, eliminating light decay. With high bay LEDs, you can be sure that your light is focused on where you need it most.

Advanced Technology Abilities

High bay LED lighting comes with some significant technological advantages. Depending on your particular space, you can get lights with the following features:

  • Motion sensors to automatically switch the lights on when you need them and off when you don’t
  • Dimming capabilities to provide additional flexibility and control
  • Emergency battery backups in case of power outages and failures

Utility Bill Savings

Converting to high bay LED lights might cost more initially but will quickly pay off. LEDs are more energy efficient than traditional lights, resulting in lower utility bills and major savings. High bay LEDs don’t emit heat like other bulb options, reducing the need to run the air conditioning in hopes of offsetting the interior temperature.

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